Iron Sights Shooting Range - CA Prop 63 and SB 1235

As of July 1, 2019, any ammunition purchased at Iron Sights Shooting Range must either be completely expended that day on the range or the purchaser must go through an ammunition background check as per Proposition 63 and SB 1235.

I also agree that I will surrender each and every unspent/un-shot cartridge/bullet/round that is purchased at Iron Sights Shooting Range to a range officer before leaving the range premises, unless I go through the state mandated background check.

I understand that removing from the premises any unspent/un-shot cartridge/bullet/round purchased at this range without going through the state mandated background check is a CRIME pursuant to Penal Code section 30352(e)(3).

I acknowledge and agree that I will indemnify and/ or reimburse Iron Sights Shooting Range for any criminal and civil monetary penalties and judgments against them as a result of my removing any loaded ammunition purchased for range use only pursuant to the Penal Code of the State of California and I have no causes to prevent my possession of a firearm, e.g. prohibition due to a restraining order or order by a court.